11 For Jacob

I don’t really remember first meeting Trevor Wetterling . When I look back at the 15 years I have known him it’s a blur of fun, laughs, family trips and weird adventures. You can’t think of Trevor without smiling about one of the many cherished stories you have of being with him. His greatest gifts to our family have been levity and love. Trevor’s greatest gift to me was showing a very young Kate how important it is to be your goofy, happy, truest self. My family is vast and tight knit but Trevor and his family fit so perfect, it was so much fun to have his parents and sisters and nieces around, creating even more love and light in our houses.


My sisters, Trevor and me at one of our many family gatherings.

I don’t remember when I first heard about Jacob Wetterling. I remember my mom saying she had watched Trevor’s parents on TV and they were such inspirational people. I knew Jerry always had a button affixed above his heart and that I watched Patty converse with Oprah about keeping our children safe. I’m sure I was told about Jacob early on but I don’t think the gravity of the situation hit me until one of the many false alarms. Or so I thought. Even now my brain has a hard time connecting the joyful, kind family I know with this incomprehensible tragedy I have read about so many times.


Patty and Jerry always keeping Jacob’s hope alive

I got a text September 2nd from my mom: Trish called from Minnesota, Jacob’s body was found, the killer confessed and the media would have the story soon. That last part sounded scary to me but, fortunately, I was so wrong. Soon I watched from Florida as the love, memorials and unwavering support flooded in and surrounded the Wetterlings. Porch lights left on, messages of gratitude, signs and symbols of caring and unyielding determination to keep alive the hope that Minnesota’s son had shown us for almost 27 years.


Visit YouCaring.com/11forjacob to make a donation and receive your Jacob button

Almost immediately #11forJacob was born from kids realizing the best way to memorialize Jacob was through his love of sports. Jacob wore #11 to play his beloved football and kids, being so kind by nature, said they wanted to wear 11 to show their love and support. The Jacob Wetterling Resource Center (JWRC) posted to their Facebook  “It’s one of the many ways to honor Jacob’s spirit and his sense of fairness. 11 for Jacob – 11 things that people of all ages can do so that we nurture a culture of kindness and compassion. If you put on Jacob’s jersey number, make a commitment to living with these 11 traits.

#11forJacob #JacobsHopeLives
1. Be Fair
2. Be Kind
3. Be Understanding
4. Be Honest
5. Be Thankful
6. Be a Good Sport
7. Be a Good Friend
8. Be Joyful
9. Be Generous
10. Be Gentle with others
11. Be Positive”

jacob quilt.png



And now I turn to the quilting community to ask for help, the way you all help best. I will be collecting quilt blocks for, at least, four quilts similar to the idea above.

Who will the quilts be for?

With your help we will have 4 quilts, a quilt for each of Jacob’s siblings and his parents. I dream of collecting enough blocks from our amazing community to make even more quilts than that, giving them to others directly linked to this tragedy. We can’t have too many blocks, only too few.

What Block?

Any block you’d like! Modern, Traditional, simple, intricate, paper pieced, appliqued, anything. We will be making scrappy quilts like the one pictured above so the block itself isn’t as important as the color scheme (blue and cream) and the size (9.5 inches). Blue blocks can be made of any shade of blue on blue fabrics, I’m not picky as long as the fabric reads blue over all and will stand out on our tan background fabrics.  The background blocks should be made of light colors such as white, tan, beige, gray, and cream.  Have fun with the fabrics! The family is full of children so don’t feel like you have to use more serious fabrics for this project. The most important part about the blocks is that you enjoy making them so please no stress.

Did you know blue is the color of child abuse prevention?

When do you need the blocks by?

I have to collect all the blocks by December 11th, 2016. A few people have asked if they may complete full quilts with their guild or by themselves and absolutely! Deadline for completed quilts will be January 15th. I please ask that any fully complete quilts sent by at least 56×56, incorporate the blue and cream color scheme and use the “11” message somehow. 

Where do I send the blocks?

Please send all blocks and quilt tops to Wandering Stitches Quilt Studio. They have been so kind to help us in this and all of my charitable causes.

Wandering Stitches

Attn: Kate Toney

5818 Hoffner Ave #905

Orlando, Florida 32828

It’s the holidays! I’m too busy to make blocks! How else can I help?

There are so, so many other ways to help:

  • Take the #11forjacob pledge and promise to live by the 11 traits
  • Visit YouCaring.com/11forJacob and get your button or vinyl sticker
  • Donate fabric yardage you aren’t using. We will need to make quilt backs for all of our quilts and may have to make additional blocks. Yardage will help a lot!
  • Go like the Jacob Wetterling Resource Center’s Facebook page
  • Talk to a child about Jacob’s 11 traits and ask them to exemplify the traits everyday.
  • Donate at YouCaring.com/11forJacob and tell us we can use your donation to buy quilt backings, bindings or batting
  • Leave your porch light on the night of October 22nd to show the world #jacobshopelives
  • Share this post with your friends, family, quilt guild, sewing circle, anyone and everyone you know could help spread the love.


Thank you so much for reading this. I am so dang excited to watch these quilts come together.

Please use the hashtag #quiltingforjacob to share your blocks on social media.


I can’t say thank you enough times so I will just leave it here. See you soon!

One thought on “11 For Jacob

  1. Hey girl! Welcome to blogging and best of luck with this project! I’m nine years in of blogging and the advice I give to anyone starting a blog is make it part of your life and before you know it, the years will have passed and you have a written record of how you felt in real time. No more relying on faulty memories!


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